Store: 480-868-2444    |    Hospital: 480-868-2446 

Come check out Market Street PET DEPOT’s unique little “Pet Street” where you will find many varieties of small pets typical of a pet store: fish, birds, reptiles, hamsters, guinea pigs, and more!


We usually have rescue kitties in our store for adoption! There is no cost for the kitten, only for the spay/neuter and vaccines. Come play with them! (Ask a staff member for assistance).

Market Street Pet Hospital takes in kittens found in the community all year long (if there is space, must be kittens, not full grown cats). Call for details/availability 480-868-2444. The hospital tests the kitties for common diseases, starts them on any needed medication, and keeps them in back for an incubation period, then they go out in the store once the Doctors say they are healthy enough for adoption.

We have adopted out many homeless kitties from our community to wonderful caring families.